Oracle Targets Higher Education Space in India, Launches New Cloud Based Services

Oracle higher education in india

If experts are to be believed then by 2020, India will be the third largest economy throughout the world. The higher education system of India is undergoing many rapid and unprecedented transformations due to the economic and demographic changes. Presently, out of the total population of India, 50% of them are less than 25 years of age. Likewise other developing nations, where the percentage of skilled workers is between 60% and 90%, India records a low of 5% with formal vocational skills. The need of the hour is to equip India’s youth with skill sets that increase their chances of getting employed in a digital economy and to attain this, higher education ecosystem should be reformed.

Oracle has launched three Cloud Platform Services for higher education institutes to bring about reformation in the higher education system. In Cloud Platform Services following offerings have been designed to fulfill the raised demands of industry for a cloud-ready workforce:

  • Oracle Document Cloud Service
  • Oracle Database Cloud Service
  • Oracle Java Cloud Service

The services offered is a solution to the plugged-in generation of millennial who always wanted to have access to these services anytime, anywhere and on any-device. The solution is an answer to very many problems. From now onwards the students and faculty will not face any problem to collaborate on projects, across disparate campuses and geographies.

Oracle said, “ the Cloud Platform Services will enable India’s higher education institutes to minimize the financial burden of deploying new technologies for curriculum updates; ensure agility to develop and deploy complex solutions for academic projects as per curriculum; realize a drastic reduction in capital expenditure and ensure flexibility to dynamically scale services to address fluctuating demands.”

Mitesh Agarwal, CTO and vice president, Sales Consulting, Oracle India said, “Today’s higher education institutions across the private and public sectors face unique challenges, one of which includes devising appropriate curriculum to help develop an industry ready workforce. The millennial generation is far advanced in their IT consumption and work collaboratively with their teachers and fellow students. Having served some of the globally renowned universities, Oracle wants to ensure that universities in India have access to the most modern technologies. We want to enable those universities and their students to be better prepared for tomorrow. We believe cloud has a major role to play here.”

Oracle Cloud Platform Services to Power Modern Campuses

The service has been designed keeping in mind the students who study IT in some or the other form in their curriculum such as mechanical or computer science or electronic fields of engineering. The services will be accessible to all the students irrespective of the day scholars or those staying in hostel via the internet or their internet dongle connections—anytime, anywhere, on any device. For the university, these solutions offer complete audit logs for the administration to monitor access of students based on IP.

Oracle Document Cloud Service

The services will let the files to get shared between staff and students or between project teams. The shared files can be viewed on mobile or on desktop/laptop irrespective whether you are online or offline. The documents are very much secured as only the selected faculty and students will be able to view them, depending on sensitivity of information included. The documents can be customized with the college logo to maintain legitimacy.

Oracle Database Cloud Service

The students will have access to features and operations that are available with an already familiar Oracle Database, without the hassle of managing its underlying infrastructure. This will further enable them to practice database management and development operations that too in a cloud model. Students will also be able to use simplified tools which will help them in backup and recovery commands, software upgrades and patching, and to spin up or tear down additional database instances.

Oracle Java Cloud Service

The students under this will have access to environment to build, deploy and manage Java applications. Till date Java is the most popular language among developers. With the help of this service students can rapidly provision an application environment in the cloud. The provision is fully secured so no other person can gain an access to the environment created in the cloud. This service is enterprise-class, quick and easy, portable, and secure.

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