Opera Rolls Out Browser For Android With Built-in Ad Blocker

opera mini for androidWith the increase in internet access across the globe, one issue that almost every internet user faces is the high number of annoying ads that are displayed along the content in several websites. While many tech-savvy users use some specific ad-blocker apps/extension in their browser to block these ads, many not-so-tech-savvy users feel helpless. In this case, Opera which is known for several innovations in the internet field, has come up with a solution. Opera had recently rolled out developer version of in-built ad blocker browser and today, the company announced that the feature would be available for all its desktop users. The ad-blocker feature would also be available on mobile browser, Opera Mini for Android.

Opera claims that its built-in ad blocker speeds up page loading by as much as 89 percent compared to browsing without ad blocking. It also said that the page loading speed is 45 percent more, compared to browsers with third-party ad-blocking extensions like AdBlock Plus.

Company also claims the loading speed in Opera Mini for Android to be 40 percent faster compared to browsing without this feature. Users can also save data as the company says the new browser with ad-blocker consumes 14 percent less data.

opera browser with built in ad blocker
The Image has been taken from Opera Blog

Last month, company had also released the developer version of Opera for computers with built-in VPN. VPN or Virtual Private Network is basically used to create a private, encrypted connection between the device and remote VPN server that makes it harder for websites to track the online activity. Free VPN for mobile users would also be released soon, company said.

Online ads have been a part of the internet since its beginning and have helped companies grow to a larger extent with the huge reach to potential customers. But with the passage of time, the ads have become more annoying and the fact that now ads consume more bandwidth and data that ultimately lowers the user experience. Though the ad-blocker feature lets users to disable the ads they seen on any website, the company itself believes that the step would encourage advertisers to work on less intrusive, lighter and faster ads.

The built-in ad blocker feature can be activated by single click in the settings option of the browser.

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