Only 80 Girls’ Schools included in Rajasthan Govt’s 9842 ‘Model Schools’ Plan

girls school in rajasthan

The Rajasthan’s government project ‘Adarsh Vidyalaya Scheme’ may be more successful initiative as a public strategy to decrease the gap of education that the students of the state receive. But as per the records of Education Department’s website of the government, out of all the 9,842 schools decided to be categorized as the “model schools” or “Adarsh Vidyalaya”, only 0.81% schools are girls’ school. It is almost in all the districts that hardly any girls’ schools are found that are fit for such upgrade. The figure has been shown as 13 out of 33 and it is very shameful for the state where Chief Minister herself is a woman.

One of the Education Department Officials while attaining a “dialogue on education” exposed defenselessness in front of the media, civil society organizations and government in Jaipur regarding fluctuating decisions that they have taken before. The official stated, “Neev Shiksha ka Sawaal” meaning enquiry about the foundational education. His statement also described the present status of the state’s 80,000 public schools. The project is being conducted in joint initiative by SR Abhiyan, an official of civil society organizations of the state along with the Rajasthan Patrika.

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The Secretary of Elementary Education, Kunji Lal Meena stated “We agree with you on all the issues and we are trying to improve the situation. We have asked MPs and MLAs to provide funds to schools.”

The project, which was declared by Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje Scindia in the budget of 2015-16, declared that all the secondary or higher secondary school in each of the Gram Panchayats (9894) will be converted to Model School in three divisions by 2017-18. It also stated that the schools will have updated facilities like classrooms, laboratory, drinking water, library in equal measure. Computers along with internet connections will also be given. For all this a budget of 2.38 billion has over all been estimated.

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