One Third of Odisha Population Never had any formal Education

Literacy rate in Odisha

In the era when the Government is claiming the achievements of social development and high economic growth there is one thing which might leave many people astonished. One third segment in the population of the state of Odisha never have had any kind of formal education, or to say in other words, never stepped in any educational institution in their life time. As per the 2011 Census Report an analysis on population in Odisha attending educational institutions clearly reflects that till date around 33.43 per cent of Odisha’s population had never been to any school.

The latest data of census on education lays emphasis that the total population of the state of Odisha is somewhere around 4.19 crore out of which at least 89.79 lakh people are currently going to some or the other educational institutions at different levels. Now out of the remaining people, 1.89 crore have attended educational institutions before whereas the left over i.e. .40 crore have never attended any educational institution.

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The education census of Ganjam shows that there are 7.7 lakh persons which is highest among the other districts wherein the people are attending the educational institutes. The second highest is that of Cuttack with 5.59 lakh, Mayurbhanj (5.43 lakh), Khurda (5.21 lakh) and Balasore (5.10 lakh). Another one Deogarh district has only 66,978 persons who are pursuing any form of educational institution the lowest among the districts.

Bishnupada Sethi, Director of Census, Odisha said, “At the State level, 21.39 per cent of the population is attending any educational institution, 45.17 per cent has attended any educational institution before and 33.43 per cent never attended any educational institution.”

Taken into consideration the female segment, the total population of females is somewhere around 2.07 crore. Out of which 42.48 lakh females are presently enrolled in educational institutions whereas 85.16 lakh have never attended any school or college and more than 79.97 lakh females have been to educational institutions before. The analysis clearly shows that 25 per cent of males and 42 per cent of females have never been to any educational institution.

As per the survey reports, in the age group of 60 years and above, 36 per cent of the males and 75 per cent of the females have never ever received any formal education.

So after taking into consideration the abovementioned data it is very much clear that Ganjam district scores the Top Rank as it possess the highest population who are attending educational institutions (over 15.53 lakh), along with the highest number of persons I.e. 12.04 lakh ho have never been to any such institution. Deogarh has the lowest number of persons under these two categories.

Lastly if the reports of the census are to be believed then out of the total population in the state of Odisha who are attending any educational institution, 90.66 per cent are enrolled in schools, 6.25 per cent are attending colleges. And more than two per cent are pursuing vocational education and about 0.21 per cent are attending special institutions for the disabled.

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