Strikes continue through out country for One Rank One Pension Scheme

Since last four decades One Rank One Pension voice was again and again raised by the retired military personnel. But the ruling government in these four decades just kept on neglecting instead of taking it seriously due to some or the other reason. Every time they made false promises. During the 2014 elections BJP party gave them the assurance that this issue will be resolved soon. It was not just an assurance even our honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi is himself handling the issue.

But due to the delay in the declaration of the permanent solution and correct timeline for the implementation of the scheme thousands of ex-servicemen came forward unitedly to agitate in the National Capital during the past weekend to protest against the delay on the part of the government. Not only this is happening in the National Capital but also across the nation as many retired military personnel has gone on a relay hunger strike saying that they would continue to do so till their demands are accepted.

One rank one pension scheme
Ex-servicemen protesting for One rank one pension scheme

It was very much expected on August 15 this year that the announcement will be made by the Prime Minister on his Independence Day Speech from the Red Fort. But due to non mutual consent between ex-servicemen and the government regarding the date from when the new package would be effective and the same got delayed again. Due to the mounting pressure, it was expected on the part of the Central Government that they will announce the implementation of One Rank One Pension on the occasion of 50th anniversary of Indo Pak War 1965 i.e. on August 28, 2015 but it has again been delayed due to some or the other reasons.

The major two reasons behind the reoccurring delays can be:

  • The government is hesitating in giving the permanent solution because in the near future the similar demands could potentially be raised by Central Police and Paramilitary Forces too.
  • Secondly how the financial resources will be allocated for the immediate roll out phase and what all provisions should be made to keep up the same in future.

The government on its part should realise that these persons fought for our motherland so that thousands of other back at their home can sleep peacefully at night and it is indeed their legitimate Right. No doubt the issue has seen more progress in last one year if compared to four decades showing the BJP’s government seriousness and Top election promises to implement the scheme. If One Rank One Pension comes into force then on the immediate basis somewhere around two and a half million ex-servicemen and women’s will be benefitted.

If the Central Government in case fails to give the decision on time or delayed it more on their part, it will create a havoc , a mismatch between expectations and delay could lead to problems in more ways than one. So it is expected from our Prime Minister to solve the issue amicably in the interest of the nation and the persons who guards India day and night.

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