Odisha Special JEE to be held on 31 July; High Court

The Orissa High Court ordered to conduct special JEE (Joint Entrance Examination) to fill up vacant seats of B.Tech in many private engineering colleges. This is not new in Odisha, in the past four years, Odisha has been conducting its own JEE to fill up vacant seats in private engineering colleges.

odisha special jeeAs the order came from the court, the government declared the date of the examination on July 31. And, according to plan, the seat allotment process would get completed by 10th August. Also, there is a second JEE is to be scheduled on the same date to fill up the vacant seats in the courses of MCA and MBA.

Concerning the vacant seats in the private engineering colleges, a petition was filed by OPECA (Odisha Private Engineering College Association) to conduct the exam. However, the petition was an act of violation of Odisha Professional Education Act against intake of students in B.Tech courses on the basis of All India JEE. But, the petition said the state act was not amended before merging with All India JEE.

OPECA president said that the state act also has a provision to have a second JEE to fill up the vacant seats. Before filing the petition, he observed that more than 32,000 seats were lying vacant out of the total 45,000 seats in 93 engineering colleges of the state after the seat allotment procedure on the basis of All India JEE.

Since 2011, except 2013, this act has been constantly repeating to fill up the vacant seats in engineering colleges. Indirectly, this is a forced admission process in which students are lured to fill the vacant seats in engineering colleges to continue their business. There are still many engineers in India who are not getting jobs and then these type of private colleges outnumbered the number of jobs available in the country. Somehow, this is a problem for Indian society which needs the concern of government.

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