Odisha Government in state of fix over 1.8 lakh job vacancies

PRAHAR, a Delhi-based civil society group has come up with some shocking statistics on job loss. According to its report, based on the data released by the Labour Bureau of Indian govt., the country may suffer 7 million job losses by 2050. However, presently, there seems to be trouble in exactly the opposite direction for the government of Odisha.

According to a report released by it, there are around 1.8 lakh vacancies in Odisha for which there are not enough skilled workers to join the force.

Odisha, which is among the poorest states of India, suffers from a serious infrastructural drought with development limited only to major cities. However, even as the case remains, there are as much as 1.8 Lakh vacancies at various levels of government in the state.

It is interesting to note that as much as 41,635 post have been abolished for austerity measures. This is in addition to 1,38, 355 vacant posts in different departments. There are total 5,65,029 sanctioned departmental posts in 41 wings of state government. A majority of these are permanent employees with others appointed on a contractual basis.

Such is the present scarcity of employees that in an unprecedented move, the government has started to outsource some of its job in the Secretariat and other government offices. Even retired employees have been called back and reengaged to ensure that the government machinery doesn’t break down in the dearth of employees.

Unfortunately, as is the case with many states in the country, the highest vacancy was observed in the School and Mass Education Department and Health Department; one of the two most important organs of government and society. There are 38,717 vacancies in School department while Health department suffers from the lack of 12,167 personals.

Ironically, the Home Ministry herself is not free from blemishes as it has as much as 16,386 posts vacant currently, even though the department has been under the Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik for past 16 years.

Not just that, important departments like Revenue Department (approximately 9,790), Higher Education (approximately 8470), Agriculture (around 5343), Rural Development (around 2164), Water Resources (approximately 5709) and Works Department (around 3886) also have several unfilled seats.

This is severely impeding the workings of several important departments.

According to the official sources, around 7,11,640 males and 3,02,633 females have registered themselves in the employment exchanges by the end of July 2016. The number of person from SC is around, 1,94,290, ST at 1,65,305 and from other backward castes around 1,28, 084.

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