Students Protest Against Odisha Board For Raising Up Reservation Quota For Medical and Engineering Admissions

Previously the Odisha Government reserved 8% of the seats for SC but recently it’s going to raise up to 16.25%. On the other hand, the percentage was 12% for ST that rose to 22.5%. In this respect, the students broke out in protests demanding merit based selection eliminating the hike of the reserved seats. According to the words from Durga Prasad Behera, the additional secretary, higher education department the new rule would be applicable for admission in engineering and medical colleges. The SC and ST students would acknowledge the facility as per the Government rules that would become applicable for the upcoming 2015-2016 academic session.

Road Protest:

The students were seen hitting the roads holding the posters and placards that clearly show the strong protest against such reservations. They also came out with the slogans against the decision from Naveen Patnaik. Even they threatened the government to continue their protest if the decision is not being changed. Such hike in the quota system would seriously affect the education system and the meritorious students would remain exempted developing the suitable career.

odisha board reservation quota
Students Protest Against Odisha Board’s Reservation Quota policy

Anti-Reservation Rally by the Medicos:

The medicos from Odisha including about 300 students, residential doctors, post graduates, house surgeons of the reputed medical colleges started their demonstration on May 8 2015. The new decision from the government has raised the confusion among the 35,000 students who sat for the AIPMT exam this year. About 85% of the seats would come under the state reservation quota and thus many qualified candidates may not be able to seek admission to the colleges. And rest 15% would be selected from the National merit list as would be prepared by the AIPMT council. The undergraduate students from MKCG Medical College also participated in the protest against such decision that would contribute negative impacts on the society. Professor Abinash Das uttered the words that such increase in quote would definitely degrade the quality of education especially when it’s the medical field. Therefore, the government needs to take the right approaches for the socio-economic upliftment of all the aspirants. According to Bijay Mishra, an MBBS student as the meritorious students would be refrained from seeking admission the quality of doctors would not be up to the mark while that can be threatening for the society, So, the system should be managed only according to the proper merit list. Now, everyone is demanding the withdrawal of the decision that would come out with a dangerous blow for the entire civilization.

According to Umakanta Sathpathy, DMET joint Director they have not received any circular about the reservation matters. Once, they start the communication with the higher education department or the State Government they would take up the matter on hands. It would be a time consuming process and the Supreme Court has ordered to complete all the admissions by September 2015. So, it’s expected that the reservation for SC and ST would not incorporated for the AIPMT students this year. Chief Minister is yet to decide about the new reservation policy and the steps would be taken accordingly making the system execute successfully.

Overall, the students who sat for the AIPMT exam this year can get relived knowing that they would not have to face the complications due to the hike in state quota.

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