UNICEF appoints Novak Djokovic as its Goodwill Ambassador for childcare development and education

On Wednesday, 26th August 2015, famous and reigning world tennis champion Novak Djokovic added one more feather to his cap when He became goodwill ambassador of United Nations International Children Emergency fund, UNICEF, and in the process joined other famous athletes and celebrities to hold this post. It  should be noted that Djokovic was contributing his part towards vulnerable children through his own Novak Djokovic foundation. More importantly, his contributions through his role as UNICEF Serbia ambassador was also going in the right direction.

Novak Djokovic expressed his happiness on being appointed as UNICEF goodwill ambassador and said he felt honoured. He also further assured that he would do his best to help defend and uphold children’s rights. Djokovic further added that he would contribute towards the childhood care and to the development of every boy and girl.

Novak Djokovic UNICEF ambassador

Djokovic, who was born in Belgrade and spent his childhood in Serbia, spoke about how tennis was blessing to him. He also spoke about early years of life of a child. He expressed his view on the early childhood life of a child and said that, when a child was cared,  then the child grows healthy and develops good thinking, language, emotional and social skills and would become successful person. He also said that his family supported him in his early years during the war period and that had made him strong and he was able to appreciate values in life.

UNICEF deputy executive director, Yoka Brandt said that Djokovic was a true champion for the children all over the globe. He was also of the opinion that children when guided by a powerful person such as Djokovic, would get inspired by him and thereby contribute towards society in the future. By becoming goodwill ambassador of UNICEF, Djokovic joined other famous personalities like David Beckham, Katty Perry, Roger Moore, Shakira and Serena Williams.

Novak Djokovic visited many preschools and kinder gardens in Serbia as UNICEF Serbia ambassador and stressed the importance of investing in early learning. According to UNICEF,  Djokovic’s own foundation and his support had been responsible in creating flexible, high quality preschool education for the vulnerable children’s of Serbia. Djokovic’s association  with UNICEF started in 2011 when he was appointed UNICEF Serbia Ambassador and from then onwards he had been supporting for the cause of children with an objective of early childhood education and development.

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