‘NOTA’ option introduced in JNU Student Polls for the first time

There is a high excitement with the JNU Students Union Elections and it’s revealed that it’s always a bit slow in the 1st half but with a decent turnout in the 1st half.

For the first time, in JNU election there would be the option ‘NOTA’ representing none of the above. But according to a student this is a complete invalid thing similar to that of the Loksabha elections. The ‘NOTAs’ would be counted but they won’t put any effect on the election results. Hence, this comes out as the useless option that would simply stay away from the mainstream.

AISA JNU elections
AISA Party supporters rallying before elctions

Sharmada Sivaram, a sociology student who exercised the 2 sets of 4 central panel positions uttered the words “I didn’t know most of the candidates. These names popped up 10 days before the elections.” Certain students especially those from different other groups believe that the All India Students’ Association is influencing the election campus using their power. Previous year all the 4 central panels were won by the All India Students’ Association but alongside a case was also lodged for sexual harassment with a female student.

According to another student, they also tried to carry out their monopoly over the campus that completely unexpected. The Left progressive Alliance and Students’ Federation of India reveals that some students stayed away joining the forces creating high disappointment for the party. Ishan Anand, an active member of Democratic Students’ Federation revealed that, “This election will be very keenly fought.” He also says, “There is a strong sentiment against AISA but who’ll benefit from that remains to be seen.”Another student from Russian language Prince Kumar stated that the AISA members are strongly dedicated and they would never place vote for others that would stand against their ethics. Rohit Chandelier who’s a 1st year German student also reveals that they helped them at the hostels that was a positive approach during the election.

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Basically, the Left Progressive Alliance was established due to the increase in the right-wing as Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad in short ABVP. Sandip Singh, one of the active members of ABVP divulge his confidence about their presence in the school of languages that would gradually increase. However, during the lunch hours there was a light argument between ABVP and the Left Progressive Alliance that clearly indicate the high confidence level of ABVP creating distress for the Left.

The election committee introduced ‘digital voting’ for the first time that would help the users to carry out the entire system easily. This process comes out with smarter approaches and would not give rise to any controversies during the election procedure.

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