Nobel Prize Winner Malala to raise education funds at Oslo Education Summit

Malala who has won the Nobel Prize for education speaks about increase of funds at the Oslo Education summit held in the United States. Approximately, $39 billion is being spent on military expenditures within eight days that represent the real status. Malala came to the age of 18 on July 12 and got an opportunity to meet Jim Yong Kim, World Bank President about the package intended to come out with the optimistic features improving the overall educational backdrop. The real time goals would be declared during the later times in 2015. According to her words ‘The world needs to think bigger and it needs to dream bigger.’

Nobel Prize Winner Malala to raise education fundsShe even said the UN focuses only on universal primary schooling that’s a complete wrong idea. About fifty-nine million children who belong to the war zone are not even able to reach the boundary of primary school. So, it’s important to make a strong foundation where the roots would go ahead in the right way. Children are the base of future and thus every citizen should wake up to the gravity of the situation comprehending the values of education.

She even divulged that if a child of 9 years does not have the right to education then the rest of the world also should not possess the similar right. Hundreds of delegates and even Ban Ki-moon, the United Nations Secretary were present when Malala uttered these words.

Erna Solberg, Norwegian Prime Minister also started some useful campaigns to raise funds improving the real time status of education all over the world. The recommendations would be made by 2016 and the commission would incorporate some other members like Malawi from Indonesia. Gordon Brown, former British Prime Minister would also take part with an intention to raise funds for children education UNICEF.

Malala’s Interest

She says that she possesses interest on the subjects like history, economics etc. and thus she would prefer Oxford as the right destination to study well. Presently, she stays in England and is recognized as the joint winner of Nobel Award 2014. She even inspires the courage of girls to get access to education developing a better future with all the optimistic features.

She initiated the speech with the words that ‘I am here as the voice of the children’ and even on July 12 she became an adult and thus her childhood comes to an end. Her father worked as a teacher and in the same way fought for the right to education. Now, it’s her responsibility to spread the light of education among children. Being a woman she feels that education should be equal for all irrespective of sex and age limits.

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