18 Out of 78 Schools non functional in Nalgonda District due to no teachers

Schools in Nalgonda district

The news regarding the lack of teachers in Nalgonda district of Andhra Pradesh has been a major cause of concern in recent times. It was said that the lack of teaching staffs in the government schools in Chandampet mandal of Nalgonda district had forced the parents to withdraw their kids form these schools and admit in other private schools. About 222 teachers were sanctioned for these schools, but there only 65 teachers were present. This had highlighted the poor plight of the standards in these schools. The number of teaching staffs is less than the number of schools.

It was brought out to light that, out of 78 schools in the Nalgonda district, 18 schools did not function properly due to insufficient teaching staffs. These 78 schools included 66 primary, 8 upper primary and 4 high schools with total strength of schools being 2759. It was also found that in the remaining schools, 12 schools have strength below 10 and ten schools had strength below 20. It was also said that, the teachers don’t come to the schools on time as these schools were situated at remote areas. These teachers leave the schools in the afternoon itself due to lack of transport facilities in the evenings. Some schools function for just two to four hours as the teachers come from far of places such as Hyderabad, Nalgonda, Suryapet etc.

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It was noted that, poor monitoring by educational officials and district administrations had led to lot of problems for the children. Some schools in Guvvalagutta and Kothapally villages had students but nil teachers and villagers appointed couple of volunteers in each schools at their own cost. It was also said that, the parents gave Rs 8000 to Rs 10,000 for education on each child in the private schools. Parents had no other option but to withdraw their kids from above two schools that had no teaching staffs and admit their wards in private schools.

It was also brought out in the open that lack of proper education was responsible for other social factors also. The sex ratio amongst children aged zero to six was so low with 834 girls for every 1000 boys. Another news that was revealed was that there were only 31% of literate women in Chandampet. Lack of basic amenities like tea shops or hotel was cited as reason by the teachers for their inability to work in the mandal.

Activist, Kanchukatla Suresh, was of the opinion that basic amenities must be provided in the rural areas. He said that construction of quarters with all basic amenities to teaching staffs and other officials would solve the issue of concern. He suggested the possibility of residential school with well maintained quarters for the teaching staffs for  every three to four Gram Panchayats. He was also of the view that, amount of Rs 10,00 as incentive for the teachers would go a long way in making these teachers to opt for these places during their transfer time.

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