No SET exam likely this year in Telangana

With the ongoing tussle between the Osmania University and Telangana government, it is very unlikely that the State Eligibility test (SET) exam would be administered this year in the State. State Eligibility Test / State Level Eligibility Test is important to fill lecture and assistant professor posts in degree colleges & universities and while as much as three thousand faculty posts are lying across the state, the State government has failed to release the notification of the test for past two years. The SET exam also stands as an eligibility criteria for admission into Ph.D courses.

In the year 2012, when Telangana and Andhra Pradesh were a single state, Osmania University was accredited by the University Grants Commission to conduct SET exam. The test was successfully conducted for three consecutive years in 2012, 2013 and 2014. However, as the two states parted, the state governments had to take over the responsibility of the test separately.

Andhra Pradesh government selected Andhra University to overtake the test process and eventually the APSET exam was conducted this year on August 11. On the other hand, Telangana government entrusted Osmania University with the responsibility of conducting SET exam, but till now, no notification for this year test has been released and it is almost confirmed that there would be no test this year too.

To conduct the SET exam, a university is liable to get accreditation from the UGC. The previous accreditation given to the Osmania University lapsed in May 2015 and the fresh request for getting accreditation has not been made from the university. SET Committee member secretary Professor Yadagiri Swamy said that they have made arrangements for getting accreditation and are taking steps to expedite the process of issuing notification of SET as soon as possible, New Indian Express also noted.

Meanwhile, the aspirants from the State have lost all hope of having any exam this year too. Joining a prestigious college/university is not only a way of getting employment, but connecting with the students and spreading education is the most important thing due to which one aspires to become a lecturer or professor. With the university as well as State government keeping mum on the issue, the aspirants are somewhat feeling cheated for not having any opportunity.

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