No more admission toiling in Delhi University again

It seems as if Delhi University (DU) has caught a penchant for controversies. Just days after attracting the ire of Delhi University Teachers Union (DUTA) for increasing the working hours of teachers and professors in colleges of DU, it has once more attracted a controversial pertaining to admissions in its undergraduate courses.

This time, however, the controversy seems to be hung between balancing the rights of students, who owing to the rigid admission procedures of DU had to forego their choice of colleges on one hand and the colleges which may have put up with unfilled seats on the other.

The cynosure of the latest controversy has emanated from a notification by Delhi University, according to which students who have already taken seats in DU colleges can reapply at institutions that have vacant seats without withdrawing their previous admission.

This notification is inherently opposite to the trend of admission process in DU wherein a student was required to forfeit his seat from the college in which he/she got admission before applying at another college. This has left the colleges, specially those which rank lower in order of preference, in a lurch because of the ensuing implications. First, since the academic session has already started and most probably the decision would trigger a wave of withdrawals, this would mean additional work in mid session. Second, this would mean that many colleges may be left with unfilled seats.

The decision was taken after parents and students met the Dean of Students Welfare (DSW) and objected to the previous rule on grounds of unjust restrain and unfair play. The University Admission Committee, after entertaining the objection, called for an emergency meeting and took a decision in their favor i.e allowing them to apply without withdrawing admissions.

According to Manoj Sinha, principal of Aryabhatta College, “This change was necessary for the sake of fair play. As per cut off list, students with high marks might have taken admission in colleges not of their choice. Now, with no cut off list we are giving all a fair chance.”

On its contrary, the fear of colleges may as well be founded on solid apprehensions, as it may appear from what is being observed this year. To quote Bipin Aggravated, principal of Sri Aurobindo College, “Due to withdraw, we have seats vacant in BA programme, B.Com. (Honors) and English.”

According to the notification on the admission policy for the academic year 2016-17 by Delhi University,  if the seats remain vacant even after the fifth cut off list, the colleges shall notify the status of vacant seats  course wise and category wise on University portal as well as on their website and college notice boards.

Though on face of it, the notification may appear ingenuous and in congruity with the accepted trends of admission process in DU, the changing in the withdrawal norms have turned them most relevant for most of the colleges in Delhi University.

In fact, the change in stance by the University Admission Committee has also been opposed by some of the students organisations in Delhi University, through a submission to DU vice chancellor, on grounds that such a move would encourage corruption albeit without any known reasons so far.

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