PMET Aspirants Bemused As NEET Row Continues

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Supreme court has decided not to stay the NEET ordinance, meanwhile, PMET aspirants in Punjab are bewildered about the admission process.

Whether or not the NEET issue would be decided still remains a question and it has affected the admission to medical courses much already. Reportedly, BFUHS has also said no counselling is underway for PMET in the state. The recent ordinance that exempted the government colleges and government seats in private colleges from the ambit of NEET was challenged by several petitioners. Moreover, Justice Nageswara Rao has recused from the case as he had appeared as a counsel for the Tamil Nadu Government in this matter. Justice Anil Dave is said to be sitting instead of Justice Rao for this case. The ordinance that is challenged has added one more to the line of litigation in the medical entrance exam field that has been going on since half a decade ago.

Most of the minority institutions had challenged the NEET as they considered it ‘not constitutional by nature’. In 2013, a 3-judge Bench was presided by then CJI Altamas Kabir and it comprised of Justices Anil R Dave and Vikramajit Sen who pronounced its judgment. The judgment did not echo a unanimous decision. Where two were against NEET, one was in favour of implementation of such entrance test. Chief Justice Kabir wrote the majority opinion scrapping NEET and Justice Vikramajit Sen concurred with this majority opinion. Justice Anil R Dave, however, differed and held in favour of NEET and against private medical colleges. Subsequently, a review was allowed yet clarifications over whether it is to be held this year has repeatedly come before the apex court.

With the passage of recent ordinance, things have gotten more complicated. This was, however, subjected to a State choosing to exercise that option. This ordinance has been challenged before the Supreme Court though an early hearing was refused by the vacation Bench. This challenge came before the current Chief Justice of India, and it was disclosed that the matter would be headed by Justice Dave on July 7. Now that Justice Rao has recused from the case, the matter would be heard on Friday. The likelihood of PMET getting conducted is ambiguous too. Many states had opposed to the holding of NEET and preferred their own state exams over it. The Medical Council of India was in favor of NEET and MCI counsel told a leading newspaper that MCI is not in favor of state exams.

Whether re-tests would be held or not depends upon the Friday verdict to determine the Common Entrance Test validity and paving way for states to hold their independent medical exams.


  • What ever they do… they are ruining the year of medical student. Who is responsible for this….They should decided any new scheme at least one year before they apply it and they should be clear about it and should not change it with time and should clear that to all too…..this way they can’t conduct such national level exams.

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