No half-yearly holidays for Tamil Nadu students

Pounded by rain over the last two weeks, students’ life have come to a standstill as they are not attending the classes since last 11 days. Irrespective of the fact that there could be more rain or change in the normal schooling schedule children want to rush back to their schools. It is expected that Schools are likely to function through the half-yearly holidays and also on Saturdays as they have to complete the left over syllabi portions before the exam. Half yearly examinations are expected to kick-start from December 7 and as per the views of the School Education Department officials there may not be any changes in the scheduled exams.

no half yearly holidays for tamil nadu students

On the other hand, private schools are planning to postpone the half-yearly examinations by a few days. Vijayan, Chairman, Zion Group of Schools commented, “We would like to conduct them from around December 17 instead of December 7. For the lower classes, there will be only five examinations. We will decide about higher classes soon.” On the other hand the decision on making up for lost days for government and corporation schools will be made after the schools reopen.

School Education Department official said, “The time table was decided in November and unless we are able to stick to the schedule, it will impact the rest of the school calendar. As of now, we expect to retain it unless there is something drastic that happens.” The final decision regarding the same is expected to be out by Thursday. Education department authorities also suggested to the minority-run schools that classes can be conducted during the Christmas vacation.

Taking into consideration the Primary wing, till date no classes have been conducted for the primary classes so far. But this time as the schools have remained closed for an unprecedented duration of nearly a fortnight, primary section may also opt to work on Saturdays when schools resume.

Other measures to make up for lost time in schools include extending the duration of the working hours, especially, to benefit students of Classes 10 and 12 who will appear for board exams in next two months.

When the education department is planning to scrap off the half yearly holidays, there are some institutions which have been converted into relief camps to accommodate thousands of people displaced by the floods. The teachers are worried as the question papers are prepared universally by the State government for half yearly examinations and they are or will be ready in the near future but the question is how the students will score high marks now.

Anna University has postponed semester examinations scheduled till November 28. Examinations which were scheduled to be held between November 12 and 28 will now held from December 2 to 19. Examinations at the Dr. Ambedkar Law University which were to be held on November 24 and 25 were also postponed. The district administration in Vellore also declared holidays for schools for six working days due to heavy rainfall.

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