No compartment exam if you fail in 2 or more subjects: HBSE


Haryana Board of Secondary Education (HBSE) has made a major change in the board examination. From the current academic session, if a student does not qualify in two subjects, he/she will not be given the chance for re-appear exam. Such students will be deemed fail and they will have to start the academic session afresh.

HBSE Chairman Dr. Jagbir Singh said the rule will come into effect from the Board exams to be held in March 2017. The Board is yet to announce the dates for Class 10th & 12th board exam.

HBSE had recently called for a meeting to improve the examination and result system, wherein it was unanimously decided that only those students will be given re-appear chance who could not qualify in one subject. If a student fails in more than one paper during the annual exam, he/she will be declared fail. Till now, the students were provided with the facility to re-appear for only those subject papers in which they were declared fail. However, from now onwards, the students will have to take all the exams once again if they fail in two or more subjects.

The Board aims to improve the result statistics with this move, however, the education experts do not feel the same way. Some of them criticised the move and said the decision has come just two and half months ahead of the board exam, so it would not have any visible affect on the result statistics. They said this would lead to more students failing in the annual exam.

This decision would, however, may come beneficial in coming few years as the students will be forced to perform better in the board exam to save one precious academic year, some said.

Recently, HBSE had made Aadhaar card mandatory for students of Class 10 & 12 while applying for 2017 board examination.


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