NLU Jodhpur Becomes First In India To Receive UNCTAD Recognition

In what comes as a good news, the Centre for Competition Law & Policy established at National Law University Jodhpur has been granted the honor to become the first research centre in the country to partner with the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) at its Research Partnership Platform (RPP).

Talking to Indian Express, University registrar Sohan Lal Sharma said the NLU’s centre is the first among Indian law universities to receive this recognition. The official letter mentioning the successful recognition and partnership was received by the Coordinator of Centre for Competition Law & Policy at NLU Jodhpur, from the office of Director at Division of International Trade in Goods and Services and Commodities.

The Centre for Competition Law & Policy is a research oriented centre working on the different aspects of competition law and policy at national and international levels by organizing various lectures by the resource persons on the concerned areas. The Centre also publishes an annual journal named Indian Competition Law Review with the help of its core team comprising of students within the university, to further the research in the field. The activities of the centre is regularly implemented and executed by the core team comprising the students.

UNCTAD is the specialized agency of United Nations dealing with the issues of Competition Law & Policy at International Platform. UNCTAD RPP is a unique initiative which brings together institutions, universities and competition authorities to undertake joint research and deliberations on the issues and challenges in the area of competition law and policy.

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