Nitish Kumar Dedicates Liquor Ban To Mahatma Gandhi

liquor ban in biharBihar government had last month put a ban on liquor sale and consumption, which Chief Minister Nitish Kumar said is dedicated to Mahatma Gandhi. Bihar CM was addressing women associated with self-help groups at the DMCH auditorium in Patna on Wednesday. He said the total prohibition on liquor is in complete honour to Mahatma Gandhi as the state is observing the centenary of his Satyagraha in favour of indigo planters of Champaran.

He said, “The prohibition decision is dedicated to the Rashtrapita.” He also said that the decision of prohibiting liquor was taken on the demands of women and recalled that the decision is final and would not be changed. “Either I will be there or liquor. Prohibition would not be withdrawn at any cost,” he said in strong voice.

At the inauguration of National Conference of Sociologists, CM Nitish Kumar said the complete ban on liquor has helped in creating good environment across the state. He said, people have welcomed the decision and in no case, the prohibition would be lifted. He also said that the Constitution grants the power to state government for implementing such bans, considering the same to be done for improvement of public health and raising nutrition level and living standard of its people.

At the event, he also informed about the initiative launched by the state education department few months back under which school students were asked to get anti-booze oath papers signed by their parents. He said “By March 31, at least 1.19 crore such oath papers were submitted in schools.” The figure is much higher than the signatures collected when a signature campaign was launched in support of special category status for Bihar. He also said that the decision to make Bihar liquor free was taken following the huge demand from people.

At the end of his speech, he said that to achieve all round development of state, it is needed that people live with peace and harmony and have good approach towards life. There is no doubt that liquor prohibition has played vital role in achieving this goal, he added.

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