Nitish Kumar calls to raise reservation quota in private sector

nitish kumar for reservation in private sector
Nitish Kumar was recently presented with K Veermani award

On Saturday, Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar laid emphasis on increasing the quota for reservation in jobs. He recalled that the reservation for selected categories should go beyond 50 percent and additionally the reservation must be extended to the private sector. He said that the Dalit Muslims and Christians should be provided reservations.

Nitish Kumar was awarded the K Veermani award for the year 2015 at a function where he said, “The order of the Supreme Court on (50% ceiling) reservation is accepted, but there should be discussion on reservation issue, the laid down quota should be increased. If the population of the SC is increasing the quota of reservation should also like in Tamil Nadu where it is 69%.”

Kumar was given the award by US based Periyar International Organization. He called that any law can be changed if needed according to the requirement. “It is because the laws are made as per the requirement of the citizens of the country, but can be changed later as per the need,” he said. He also gave a recent example of the Bihar government enacting a new liquor law and replacing the old one of the year 1915.

He further added, “In a similar manner, the limit of reservation could be increased above 50% through an amendment in the constitution. In today’s time of economic liberalization if reservation is not provided in private sector then it would be playing a joke with the concept of social justice.”

Nitish Kumar, as a member of the Lok Sabha, has also raised the same issue earlier and asked for reservation to the Dalits of the society. He said, “I had said that SC/ST could be of any religion. In the same manner, Dalit Buddhist and Dalit Sikh got the benefit of reservation but Dalit Muslim and Dalit Christians could not get it.”

D. Raja, CPI National Secretary, said that Nitish Kumar should come to the national stage and provide leadership.

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