NIT Srinagar agrees to fulfill many demands of Students

nit srinagar students demands
NIT Srinagar students also demanded that PM Narendra Modi or Smriti Irani should hoist the flag at the campus

NIT Srinagar is considering many of the demands made by the students. The management of the NIT Srinagar is considering the formation of the students’ council and has agreed to the point that all the national festivals be celebrated in the institute. A meeting was held in the wake of clashes between the students, when the outstation students put forth their demands and some of them have been taken into consideration. In the case of the formation of the students’ council, the board of governors will consider the report and consider the formation of the same.

The meeting was attended by NIT Srinagar Director Rajat Gupta, some of the officials of the HRD ministry and some students’ representatives. The decision taken by the board was also put up on the official website of the institute. NIT students had also demanded that PM Narendra Modi or HRD Minister Smriti Irani should hoist the flag at the institute, however there was not mention about it in the official release.

Besides that, students will also be given option whether they want an external evaluator for their examinations. Also, a committee has been set up who will address the grievances of the students and that committee will also dig more and more into the recent incident that took place at NIT. The committee is expected to present their report of their findings on May 15. According to the officials, the panel had submitted an interim report and the committee will take it up from there now.

The medical facilities will be enhanced within 3-4 months, two of the hostels having 80 rooms and also 15 classrooms will be completed within six months, as mentioned in the students’ demands. Besides that, the students are also demanding reimbursement of medical bill claims and set up of a food and fruit corner in the campus.

NIT Srinagar has been in controversy since April 1 when there were clashes between local and outstation students after the defeat of Indian cricket team in a World T20 cup match. Later, it became even worse when some of the outstation students tried to take out a march but they were stopped by the police, post which a number of the outstation students left the campus.

The issue related to the encroachment of the NIT land has already been taken in consideration. All the demands which are related to the improvement of the facilities in the hostel will also be taken care, the official confirmed.

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