NID aims big with its new Ph.D program focused on Research

NID, National Institute of Design has taken a new step towards improving the quality of teachers and also to improve the way research is done. It has decided to come up with a Ph.D programme which will start next year. The course will also help in promoting research in this discipline.

The concept of this programme is very new to India, it will be based on practice-based research. In the initial phase, the institute will only take 10-12 students. The interested students will have to appear for an aptitude test and based on that the candidates will be shortlisted.

Vijai Singh Katiyar, head of the PhD programme said, “The course will be different from those offered in design at other educational institutes like IITs. We have been planning the Ph.D programme for the past two years and will make an official announcement in December. Its distinct feature is that candidates, who are selected to pursue PhD, will bring in a project and through this, they will develop a new solution, new concept and idea. This new knowledge developed through the project has to benefit a community or society.” In a Ph.D course, the candidate usually develops a hypothesis based on an idea, develops framework, identifies sample size, and carries out research.

He further added, “It will be essential for candidates to have new understanding and a unique idea that can be implemented as a solution. Interestingly, NID has decided to introduce external Ph.D apart from the regular Ph.D course. ‘External’ Ph.D will be for candidates who might be working in the field of design but wants to pursue research. NID will have ‘external’ guides also. Various disciplines at NID will list out the area of research that needs attention. Based on which, we will enrol Ph.D students. If there is any area that needs research but NID doesn’t have expertise in it, the institute will rope in an external Ph.D guide. These guides will have more than 15 years of significant experience in the field of design.”

The Director of NID, Pradyuman Vyas, said, “When we became an institute of national importance, we decided to bring in tacit knowledge that we have at a research platform. NID’s Ph.D projects are not going to only be a project on paper but will help Indian economy and will offer solution for craft and art.”

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