NGO ChildFund India campaigns to spread lights of education

Education is the base to build up the life of a person and thus it’s always important to inspire the children for the learning process. It would help them to understand the things properly ensuring a better way of life free from the negative impacts. NGO ChildFund India is an organization, which started a campaign spreading the lights of education among 115,000 children belonging to different communities. The children often get prone to vulnerable activities and thus the organization is carrying out the process in about 14 states across the country. They are even distributing the exciting solar lanterns to the children from 6-14 years that would help to study well without the worries of light helping to read and write.

ngo childfund india
NGO ChildFund India started a campaign spreading the lights of education among 1,15,000 children

About the Campaign : The “Reading Improvement Campaign” by Global Child NGO in it’s first phase distributed the international books that serve as the inspiration for the children to understand the values of education. Their main aim to help the children learn the effective ways to read, write and comprehend enhancing the ability to learn. The children also received reading bags that consisted of the multi-lingual books that they would read exploring interesting information about the world and the society. The first phase started on December 2014 that represented a big change in the society for the field of education.

The second phase of the program would eliminate the darkness from life revealing the original lights that would help them to reach the ultimate destination. Here the words from Makhijani can be quoted as “This will enable children reading in the evening and can also be used by family members for other basic purposes.”

Different types of recreational activities like storytelling, reading, painting; skits etc. are also being conducted that brings in the real happiness in the minds of the children. In this way, the books would open a new world in front of them and they can realize the true path through which they can grab the success in life. So, the Global Child NGO shows the real direction that would help the children to realize the values of life that would aid them to make the right decision in life. Children are always the new generation who are responsible to build up the strong future foundation that would incorporate all the good things in the society.

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