New York researchers create device to boost Internet speed

In this era of modernization when wi-fi goes down for five minutes or there arises a problem in data connectivity we take out time for family or peers and later ponder that they are quite nice people, Indian Government and the researchers are leaving no stone unturned to provide best services to citizens. Keeping the Digital views of the world in mind, researchers of New York have introduced an all new way to boost data speed of optical fibers which may lead to a faster Internet. The experiment was conducted at University of Glasgow where researchers created a device that separates and combines light’s twists in the same ways as prism does with colour.

increase internet speed

Digital India is an initiative by Government of India which was launched on July 1, 2015 by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to make sure that government services are readily available to each and every citizen of India electronically by improving online infrastructure and by increasing Internet connectivity. The main concern is to provide whole India including all villages with broadband facility.

As the digital arena of country like India is going through rapid changes, a newer addition has taken place to this arena i.e. UGC, University Grant Commission granted Rs. 6.18 crore for turning campuses into Wifi zone. A total of 85,335 government colleges and government aided secondary and higher secondary schools have been enlisted for this project. The name of the project is ‘Campus Connect’.

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Present education system of classroom studies is getting shifted towards e-learning by smart classes. Under the ‘Digital Kerala’ program, Kerala Government plans to connect schools through digital network. A memorandum was signed by Haryana government to promote digital literacy in the state, with an aim of digitization of its schooling system and online library for schools was launched by Telangana government.

If we consider all the initiatives under ‘Digital India’ program, then there is an utmost need of hi-speed internet and excellent internet connectivity. Then such devices will prove fruitful that may lead to a faster internet.

Robert R Alfano, distinguished Professor of Physics at City College of New York said, “This development could offer a solution to the insatiable needs of data-driven social media, such as, Facebook and YouTube, which continually push optical fibre data speed limits.”

So as to re twist the data, researchers borrowed a well-known technique of radio communication, referred to as ‘MIMO’, used by cell phones and Wi-Fi routers every day. Till date, the researchers have successfully transmitted data streams on four twists of light over 5 kilometers of standard optical.

Giovanni Milione, a doctoral student at City College of New York said, “Optical fibers can be sped up by ‘twisting’ data; multiple data streams are transmitted and received as different twists of light.” Further he said, “Thought impossible using standard optical fibers which untwist the data, corrupting it, we showed that if the data was digitally re-twisted, after it was received, it could be recovered.”

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