New Experience waiting for Students of Delhi Government Schools

Last week while travelling in the Delhi Local, I happened to meet 5 Delhi-Government school children. Out of them, three were in the primary wing while 2 were in Class 12. The class 12th boys were busy discussing about their studies and their respective subject teachers. I was over hearing these talks. Many of us have the image that the students of the government school are good for nothing fellas but after seeing the interaction of these two boys, many would have changed their perspective like me. Much surprisingly, they both were from Science Stream.

Welcome Poster made by students of a Delhi government school for the PTM. (Source : Twitter)
Welcome Poster made by students of a Delhi government school for the PTM. (Source : Twitter)

Sorry to say I interrupted them in their chit-chat session. The first question I asked them was – do the teachers in the government school teach and are they regular? To which they politely answered, the teachers are much more regular than we students and they make sure that when they come to the class, they teach us. Great!! And they also told me that earlier they were not in a habit of maintaining the notebooks. But now they maintain them and the notebooks are checked on a regular basis. One thing I forgot to mention, they both were discussing about exchanging their English notebooks. ūüôā

One more thing to be noticed was, both these students were carrying a Smart Phone with them, that too with an extra battery. Lucky dudes!! One reason could be as per my best knowledge, the boys in the Delhi Government schools are taught in the second shift which begins from 1 pm and continues till 6 pm. Maximum boys of the government schools have the habit of travelling either in the bus or the local train, so to keep their family updated about their whereabouts and to kill the time by playing Candy Crush while travelling they carry phones.

As I was pretty much aware due to my writing of Education news that CCTVs have been installed in all the government schools of Delhi, I happen to ask them my next question about the same. To which they all replied in one sound, yes there are 45 CCTVs installed in our school and an eye is kept over our every activity. Then I inquired them that if you people try to bunk your school, do your parents receive information about the same via SMS. To which one of them said, till date we hadn’t tried anything such, but we have given our personal contact number, not our parents. Contradicting the point of the other, one guy said I had given my father’s number and yesterday he received SMS regarding the first ever PTM in the government schools of Delhi. Not only this, our Physics teacher has personally called my father and had asked him to attend the meeting.

Details about PTM

First-ever parents-teachers meeting in Delhi government schools is scheduled to be held on July 30. In a first-of-its-kind initiative, the Delhi government has decided to hold the parents-teachers meetings (PTMs) twice every year in schools run by it. This is the first ever PTM being held in government schools, that too on such a large scale. So far, the PTMs were not held in government schools at all. But now the PTM will be held biannually in government schools also.

The government sanctioned separate budget to organise PTMs in nearly 1,000 schools run by it. Welcoming teams have been formed to look after the parents during the meeting. Separate budget allocation is also made to organise to the PTMs. The focus of the PTM will be to encourage one-to-one communication between parents and teachers. The parents should celebrate the occasion as it is being held to improve the quality of education in schools.

During the PTM, the government will also apprise the parents about the initiatives taken by the government to improve the quality of education in its schools.

Coming back to the conversation with the students, in their opinion, it will gonna be a grand affair as for the first time it is happening, that too in all the government schools in a Single Day. They were even saying that the parents will be served with High Tea and snack. Let’s see ūüėČ

With this conversation, this little but enriching meeting came to an end as the de-boarding station of the students came. While getting down they all wished me Bye and said It was nice meeting you!!

Note : This is a real-life incident happened with the writer on July 22.

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