New Education policy to be framed by the end of this year: Smriti Irani

The BJP Government is planning on remodeling the complete education sector by cooking up some new policies which are soon to be implemented. The new education policy is supposedly to fix all the existing flaws and discrimination on providing education based on social class. That was a summarization of what Union Human Resource Development Minister Smriti Irani said earlier on the new policy, which she expects to be implemented early in next year.

new education policy framed by BJP governmentThe minister said that the Government want to remove maximum numbers of loopholes and flaws present in the current education policy. The new policy, as the minister said is to be a more perfected model of the previous one and is newly framed keeping few mandates in mind. These mandates are to provide easy access of education to commoners, mostly the poverty stricken part of the society.

Pointing out the flaws in the previous education policy, Irani said that they were made by a handful of people who are called as experts. In reality, these experts are academicians, educationists and bureaucrats. As a consequence, of an education policy framed by such people, the common men living in the remotest of rural areas suffered a lot, they were not a mandate. But this flaw is to be rectified by this newer policy, as claimed by the Minister. Students living in far off villages did not fetch much benefit from the existing policy. They were not exposed to proper education and lacked mandatory resources. They are to, and should get maximum benefit. These are the words uttered by the HRD Minister when she was inaugurating a national seminar at Mahatma Gandhi Vidyapeeth in Varanasi.

After many a years, India has finally got a central government that came up with absolute majority. They are to practice many benefits of that as most of the people provided them with complete support by hitting the lotus mark. Since most of their voters were the youngsters, the BJP  Government stressed on providing a better education, thus a better future to the youngsters.

Irani said girl students should choose technology as an educational choice more where the numbers of women are comparatively lesser. But women are doing extremely well in their performance in the board exams and almost all the other arenas of education. After they bagged top four positions in the UPSC exam this year, the equation of women’s success on educational fields became more prominent.

“Aspirations vary across the country” and this is the first endeavor to make a big change in educational field of the country. People want their children to study, said the HRD Minister.

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