NEET languages portfolio expands to 10 as Odia, Kannada gets included

After a series of controversies and furore over the inclusion of regional languages in NEET 2017, the centre has finally included Odia and Kannada in the list of growing languages portfolio. Now, NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test) will be conducted in 10 languages, that includes 8 regional ones apart from Hindi and English.

In December 2016, the government of India launched the notice in which it was said that the NEET exam is to be conducted in 8 different languages as per the choice of the students. These languages included Hindi, English, Assamese, Bengali, Gujarati, Marathi, Tamil, and Telugu. The exam was conducted only in Hindi and English languages as part of the protocol in 2016, so was AIPMT in previous years. So it proved to be an addition of 6 regional languages to choose from for the students.

NEET 2017 in 10 languagesHowever, in more recent news, upon the request of Orissa and Karnataka state governments, the national government has added 2 more languages to the list, Odia, and Kannada. This now takes the total of languages in which the exam can be taken up to 8 languages. This request was made directly to the Prime Minister India and was asked to look into this matter personally. Upon the intervention of the PM in the matter and considering the request, these languages were also included as a choice for the students.

This news comes as a big relief to the students in both the states who have been studying in their state languages Odia and Kannada. This means that they will not require any prior education in English, Hindi or any other languages to appear for the exam. Currently, all the students from around the nation are awaiting the application of the NEET 2017 to be released on the official website of AIPMT. It is expected that the NEET 2017 for UG students will be conducted in the earlier weeks of May 2017 following the trend of last year when the exam was conducted on May 1st. There is more doubt whether or there will be two NEETs this year like 2016.

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