An ending to NEET row in sights as Lok Sabha passes bill

It seems that the controversy over NEET is finally over. On 19th July, Lok Sabha passed the bill to conduct a single common examination for medical and dental courses and the next hurdle is Rajya Sabha. However, this bill will be effective from the next year. The bill seeks to amend the Indian Medical Council Act, 1956 and the Dentists Act, 1948.

This bill will create a lot of changes in the conduction of exam as told by Health Minister J P Nadda. The promulgation of this bill will end the multiplicity of the exam, fair and transparent examinations and adopt non-exploitative process. This will also bring relief to the students as they would not have to travel long distances for several entrance exams.

This matter heated up the Lok Sabha on Tuesday. Different representatives from respective political parties put their views and many issues regarding the examination came up. The core subjects of the discussion were Medical Council of India (MCI) and Language barrier for rural students.

Many politicians remarked Medical Council of India as corrupt and said corrective measures should be taken to rectify it. K C Venugopal from congress said “MCI has failed in discharging its duties. The government should bring a comprehensive act to amend the medical council act and improve the functioning of MCI.” While, Kakoli Ghosh Dastidar from Trinamool Congress said the MCI could not be entrusted with the task of conducting entrance exam.
Mr. Nadda took all the concerns positively and said, “A committee has been set up by the Prime Minister and that is at the final stage. Stakeholders have been called. The report is being finalized.”

Many political members raised the issue of language. Some claimed the bill and said this common exam will pose a problem for the rural students. They remarked this bill as ‘pro-urban and pro-CBSE’.

On this issue, Nadda responded that the syllabus of the exam would be on the basis of NCERT. He also said that the organizing committee would take care of the differences and they would standardize the syllabus according to rural students. And, he also assured that the exam would be conducted in the regional languages.

Also, the issue of private college fees has also been in highlight. Health Minister said that a special committee would be set up to decide the fees of private institutions while the government would decide the fees of government colleges.

Now, according to the bill passed, a common examination will be held from next academic session where all the private and government colleges of different states will participate in the NEET exam and no separate exam for different states will be conducted.

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