National Career Service Portal launched by PM Narendra Modi, check out the salient features

Today on 20 July 2015, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has launched the National Career Counseling Portal that comes out as the ultimate modern approach by the Government. The portal has been brought in with an intention to improve the infrastructure of all the Government run employment exchanges.

All over India, there are total 982 employment exchanges and initially the Government decided to develop 100 of them providing a complete smarter backdrop. A total sum of Rs. 190 crores has been assigned for the overall development process. He even revealed that “Under this project, we will modernise employment exchanges and put them under a national web portal, which will act as a one-stop platform for both job seekers and job providers where registration can be done online.”

national career service portal
First view of the National Career Service Portal

According to the Union Minister, employment exchanges from now would be recognized as National Career Counseling Centres where candidates can even opt for career counseling sessions. Therefore, it would help them to realize the practical features that would be useful alongside the normal job search option. One can easily get access to the helpline numbers and thus can get detailed guideline about the procedure.

A Government official divulged that job portals are most important option in India using which job seekers are able to comprehend the true features. “Job portals are not new in India but if the ministry can maintain it well, it can be a great support system for everybody. Jobs of all types-blue collar and white collar-should be available on it. The main challenge is that it has to live up to competition from private players.”

Modi has also said about the job mapping specifications that become useful before organizing a live training session equipped with all the modern attributes. And if all the things work in right way then the new job portal would become a significant platform for job seekers all over India.

During 1999-2004, India developed a total volume of 59.9 million jobs and that presented the time when National Democratic Alliance (NDA) played an important role under the leadership of BJP Government. And at present BJP Government is on the way to incorporate smarter features where the laborer’s interest would be given due priority. The Government would also analyze the views from Trade Unions that would help in finalizing the draft laws. Total 44 labor laws would get simplified that would enhance the job opportunities eliminating the unemployment problem.

The entire thing would be executed keeping in mind the present job requirements and skills required there. Finally, it can be concluded with the strong words “There is no question of curtailing the rights of labourers’. At the same time, we also have to give some facility to the industry and promote ease of doing business. Thus, we are taking suggestions from all parties and will come to a conclusion through consensus only.”

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