NASA spacecraft spots tallest peak on Saturn’s largest moon ‘Titan’

Scientists working on NASA’s Cassini mission have confirmed a relatively high mountain peak on Titan. This was found while exploring the Saturn and its moons from a close range of about 12 years. It is believed to be the largest moon of the planet Saturn. This also means that there is also some kind of tectonic activity on the icy moon there, much like it is on the Earth.

tallest peak on saturn moon titan
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The images that the radar instrument of the Cassini had shown, it showed the mountain towers of some 10,948 feet which is above the surface of the giant moon seen. This one is slightly smaller than the Oregon’s mount hood. There also exists a trio of the mountainous ridges which is known as the Mithrim Montes. The peak was found within this trio only.

Titan is also one of the largest moons in the solar system. It has the densest atmosphere of any of the satellite in the solar system. With the help of the Cassini’s radar instrument, they are able to peer through Titan’s thick smog, with the help of which the whole of the landscape can be revealed of the giant Titan very easily.

According to Stephen Wall, deputy lead of the NASA‘s Cassini radar team, “It is not only the highest point we have found so far on Titan, but we think it is the highest point we are likely to find.”

Titan is incredibly hazy in nature. The atmosphere around it is also very thick in nature and is full of nitrogen, so this is the reason the scientists peer through it to know more about Titan. Its largest peaks are very clustered near the equator of the moon. Besides that, there can be seen other mountains as well which are of the same height and are also a part of the world known as the Xanadu. Scientists have also found some of the other mountains. They also believe that Titan might have some kind of tectonic activity which is making it change the surface of the moon. It also has a number of lakes and rivers which are made of liquid hydrocarbons, which might tend to erode the landscape after some time.

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