Mysore University HRDC becomes nation’s first to launch online learning platform

In a recent press conference which was held on Friday, the University of Mysore officials announced the launch of University’s first online distance learning program in collaboration with Department of Outreach and Online Programs. Therefore, it becomes the one and only Human Resource Development Center (HRDC) among 66 HRDC across the country to launch Moodle-MOOC Learning Management Platform.

mysore university launches moodle mooc platform
The Moodle-MOOC Platform will help students pursue higher education through digital learning

Professor K. Srinivas of Information Communication and Technology department from National University of Educational Planning and Administration (NUEPA), New Delhi stated that Modular Object Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment (Moodle) is one of the best platform to provide online distance education.

Prof. K. Srinivas informed more that Moodle-MOOC platform gives a lifetime opportunity to a student who wish to pursue higher education through distance learning program. He mentioned that students, now a days can avail numerous professional courses online through Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) which provides a scope for a student to pursue classes on campus or off campus.

Adding to his speech, Prof. Srinivas expressed that the online learning platform provides students with much more flexibility to learn. Further explaining the advantages of implementation of online learning management system, he said that online learning provides a much better opportunity for both students and teachers to learn more about the system. Since the online education system involves a interactive and collaborative means to educate the students, it helps in enrichment of the course. Students opting for online education get enough guidance as well as time to complete their work which creates a stress free environment.

Highly qualified and dignified participants from all over the country arrived to attain 107th Orientation Programme of HRDC at University of Mysore. On this occasion, Prof. K. Srinivas also organized a daylong workshop with all the participants on ‘Transacting and Delivery’ and ‘Online Course Designing’.

Director of UGC-HRDC, Mr. Lingaraj Gandhi of University of Mysore was present at the launching ceremony along with many of his staff members. Many of the assistant professors from different universities, specifically more than 30 personnel from Punjab, Kerala, Karnataka, Maharashtra and Telangana were given hand on training at workshop.

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