Muslims seek reservation in Education

In the light of recent events, the Muslim communities in Hyderabad and Aurangabad took out a march on the roads demanding more reservation quota in the jobs as well as education sector. The march had started around 3 pm at Amkhas Maidan, Central Maharashtra, and ended around 5 pm at the Divisional Commissioner’s office. The march was supported by over 40 organizations and by some of the political parties of the area.

In the last elections, it was promised by the ruling party, TRS, that 12% reservation quota will be given to the poor sections of the Muslim community. According to the Sudheer commission on ‘Socio-economic and educational conditions of Muslims in Telangana’, it was found that only 19.2% of Muslims are regular salaried and 16.4% of Muslim workers are self-employed in non-agricultural activities. According to the panel’s report, 61 percent of Hindus are employed regularly.

The march, headed by the Muslim communities ended with the submission of a memorandum addressed to Maharashtra Chief Minister Mr. Devendra Fadnavis. The memorandum basically included all the demands of the community and was submitted directly to the Divisional commissioner. What is shocking is that tight security arrangements were made for the marchers on the day.

According to the memorandum submitted by the community, a demand for reservation of Muslim community was made and was suggested to be increased to the level proposed by the committees headed by retired Justices Rajinder Sachar, Rangnath Mishra and civil servant Mehmood-ur-Rehman.  Hyderabad district has a quite major 43.35% of its population as Muslims. On the other hand, the state of Telangana has a 12.68% of its total population as Muslims.

This is not the first time in history that the Muslim communities in India have demanded reservation in the jobs and education sector. The most recent demand held over a year ago had succeeded forcing the govt. in ordering a 12% reservation quota for the Muslims which was 3 times over their reservation quota status at that time i: e; 4%.The problem, however, that was faced with making such a change was that allotting a quota of 12% to the Muslims would take the overall reservation quota to well over 50% which would require a constitutional amendment.

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