Mumbai University to take it’s assessment system online

Mumbai UniversityTaking the Examination assessment system higher, Mumbai University has taken an advanced step to promote transparency and ease of work. The University recently announced to upgrade its assessment system to online mode. This would be applicable from the current semester itself and will make the answer sheet assessment effective. The university is presently looking forward to companies to bid for the project. Three companies have already submitted their bid. However, the bid id opens till 16th of March.

The on-screen assessment of answer sheet would increase the transparency and boost fair practices in the exams. In the online assessment system, the answer sheets will be scanned and submitted on the online portal for examiners and moderators to assess. This will seize any chances of the meddling of the answer sheets once submitted.

An Official from the committee responsible for the implementation of the upgradation said, “Workshops will be held in certain colleges. These people will then train other teachers from various colleges. It’s a huge task ahead but we plan to implement the process from this semester itself,”

The Vice Chancellor of the Mumbai University spoke about Mumbai University going digital for the assessment from April 2017 earlier this year. He said it to be a step towards preventing malpractices during examinations and assessments. The online assessment system is already being used by the Engineering department of the Mumbai University. Taking it forward from here the University is planning to assess more than 19.5 lakh answer sheets of the current semester.

The news has already being taken offendedly by the colleges in suburban areas. The principal of a suburban school told a news daily, “If I allow MU to assess from my IT or computer lab this semester, I’ll have to cordon off that area completely for anybody else, at least for the next couple of months. How will my master’s students use the IT facilities then?” He further added, “MU needs to start this process in phases, instead of forcing everyone into this new format in such little time,”

The execution of this project will be an intricate step for MU to proceed with.

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