Mumbai University brings common question paper for first year exams

The University of Mumbai has introduced few new courses from this academic session onwards but for some or the other reason, it is not able to implement its plan to set question papers and prepare exam schedules. So in regards of the same, the varsity has decided to have common question papers for first-year examinations from this academic session.

Earlier it was said that the University might ask colleges to conduct their own examinations for self-financed courses this year, but colleges, however, planned to wait for a final circular before going ahead with this. In a circular released this Monday, the university has announced the schedule for a district-wise orientation programme for the In-charge of the Examinations or Chairpersons of the Examination Committees and concerned staff of the colleges, institutions and departments. The university will hold orientation sessions with affiliated colleges to familiarise them with the new examination process. The examination section has prepared a schedule with multiple sets of papers and many options in conducting the examinations, which will enable colleges to conduct the exam as per their group, and convenience.

Why the Orientation Programme?

  • The orientation will help standardise the examination process. The university will take suggestions and decide on a standard set of question papers.
  • The orientation programme will also help colleges prepare for the new examination system.
  • Some colleges might need more explanation on the new system and that the orientation aims at clearing their doubts.
  • The university would set question papers for the first and second semesters from this year, just like it does for the fifth and sixth semesters. From next year, the University will set fourth and fifth semester question papers when the current batch moves to the second year.

The authorities have decided to implement this feature only for traditional courses such as B.Com, B.Sc. and B.A. The idea to introduce a common question paper was to bring about uniformity in colleges. As of now, the focus will be on traditional courses which have the maximum number of students. The decision will help cope with the variations of the subjects (groups) offered at respective colleges after the syllabi were changed this year.

According to a circular on the varsity website, final year (semester V and VI) examinations are slated to begin around October 25 but there is still no clear word on the common exam schedule and question papers for first and second-year students.

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