MSBSHSE extends HSC & SSC Form submission dates

The Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education (MSBSHSE) has extended the deadline for submission of Form 17 for Secondary School Certificate (SSC) and Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) examination. The students can now fill the form up to October 31 with super late fee.

Private/External students who don’t attend schools are allowed to fill Form17 to appear for SSC exam and HSC exam under the label of school specified by the state board. Students who have passed Class V exam and are 14 or more years of age are entitled to fill the form for the Secondary School Certificate (SSC). Those who have successfully passed the SSC examination are eligible to fill their forms for Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC).

This is the second time the deadline for submission of forms has been extended. Earlier, the state board put out a notice which said the exam is supposed to be conducted in March 2017 and July 10 was the last date to submit the forms with regular fee, July 20 with late fee and August 5 with super late fee. In August, the board extended the deadline from August 5 to September 30 with super late fees. The board had directed the schools to take notice of the dates and to inform the students accordingly.

Vasant Paymal, chairman of the Kolhapur divisional board, said “Students should make most of the extended deadline and submit the forms.” Another official said that around 2,000 application forms were filled for both classes X and XII together.

As the private students do not attend regular schools or classes, the board had decided to allow such students to apply through form 17 directly under the schools specified by MHBSHSE. Also, the board has asked these schools to counsel these students and also to give them a leg up for the practical exams.

According to an official, the divisional board received 2,100 applications for SSC or Class X and 3,000 forms for HSC or Class XII examinations from Sangli, Satara and Kolhapur districts last year.

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