MP: State makes engineering papers bilingual

Madhya Pradesh government has made the path easier for those engineering students who hailed from Hindi Medium background. On this ‘Hindi Diwas’, 14th September, the state government decided to make the medium of paper in the engineering colleges bilingual i.e. Hindi or English. Any students can opt any language while answering the paper.

The state government said many students faced difficulties especially those who belong to rural backgrounds. The result of which is the higher rate of dropouts during the course. This move will pave their path to technical education in a more precise manner.

The government has introduced the benefits of the move in a various manner. School education Minister Deepak Joshi cited an example, what is the difference between ‘I have a pen’ and ‘Mere paas pen hai’.

Now, the students will have to decide their medium at the start of the course and cannot change it till the end of the course. While some technical terms are weird in Hindi, students will have the liberty to write technical terms in English.

Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh, Shivraj Singh Chauhan lauded this initiative. It is also backed by Akhil Bhartiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP), students’ wing of RSS. ABVP leader C M Dhakad said, “We have always preferred students should be allowed to choose any language in which they are comfortable.”

However, it cannot be beneficial in a long term for engineering students. After the completion of course, students would have to sit for placement drives in which English matters a lot. Today’s corporate world doesn’t talk anything but fluent English. The state government should not only make engineers for passing the exam but also for facing the outside world after college.

Besides making the medium of answering of paper optional, the government can give students training on English language and soft skills on a regular basis which would be more beneficial for them. It might be uncomfortable for them whose background is not English but once they get accustomed there would be no hurdle.

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