MP Schools asked to include PETA’s humane-education plan

PETA humane education

It is important to show compassion to fellow humans as well as animals. In this aspect, soon we might come across situation in Madhya Pradesh schools where lessons about compassion and love will be taught to the students. After a meeting was held between the representatives of People for Ethical Treatment of Animals, PETA India and Rashmi Arun Shami, former commissioner of Rajya Shiksha Kendra and Secondary Education, a decision in this aspect was taken.

As a result of the meeting, former commissioner Rashmi, has asked all the schools to include PETA’s humane-education programme, Compassionate Citizen, as part of teachers training module. Training would be given to the teachers in sensitizing kids and teaching them to be kind towards animals. PETA India senior education coordinator, Puja Mahajan, spoke regarding compassion and said that, tolerance and compassion are two important factors for the society to curb violence.

Mr Deepak Joshi, minister of state, schools and higher education, said that the request to implement the programme was pending for the past one and half years. He spoke about greatness involved in being compassionate towards animals and birds and said that children must be taught when they are young. He also added that showing love and care to must not only be restricted to the extinct ones but also on other homeless animals and birds. He also spoke about the need of special programmes regarding compassion in the future.

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It was also said that, children naturally have concern towards animals when young and the society changes these children slowly. Psychologists, sociologists were of the opinion that violence by the children against animals  indicated the violence towards humans in the future. By means of this Humane education, animals, environment, humans treated with respect would be a reality in the future. PETA’s educational resource material was shared amongst 20,000 teachers in 50 districts of MP. Teachers guide, activity sheets, reading unit with adaptations from true animal stories and 28 minute video were present in this programme.

PETA India is a non profit charitable organization established in 2000. It is also the biggest animal rights organization. Its major objective is to protect the rights of the animals and care them. It operates on simple principle that animals are not ours to eat, wear, experiment, use for entertainment. PETA India has improved the quality of life of many animals.

“Compassionate Citizen” is Indian version of famous PETA-US humane-education programme ‘Share the World’ where children are taught to show their care and concern to the animals. Other states in India which are supporting this programme are Andhra Pradesh, Delhi, Chandigarh, Goa, Haryana, Kerala, Uttarakhand. It is known that this initiative is well supported by Animal Welfare Board of India and CBSE board.

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