MP govt to roll out ordinance with 5-layer grading system for private schools

In order to enhance the quality of education and develop efficient infrastructure to regulate the fee system in private schools of the state, the Madhya Pradesh Government is developing effective plans. The state government seems fully equipped to implement a five-layer grading system that is aligned with the educational goals of the state.

There was a meeting held in Bhopal wherein the Education Minister Vijay Shah declared that an ordinance on the decision of the government would be out soon. The management of many reputed and top private schools participated in the meeting.

Current Education System:

The present education structure in the state follows the national pattern as of now. However, seeking the loopholes, the state government wished to make some changes in the existing system. The government would most likely introduce uniform transport fees that would be determined on per kilometer basis.  The fee structure would be same in all the school across the state.

Interestingly, making the school education system transparent and to address the real life problems, the state education minister said that he is very much open to meet the parents who are having grievances against the schools charging massive fees.

Some important facts about the meeting are mentioned hereunder:

  • All the school directors were instructed to fill up a form mentioning the tuition fees, mid-day meal charges, administrative expenses and transportation fees as being charged by their respective schools.
  • The ordinance will be soon passed which will have a five layered system for all private schools.
  • In the past, parents have many times reported against the fee structure in the private colleges and also questioned the quality of education in the state.
  • The aggrieved parents also expressed their grief stating that they are forced to send their students to private schools as there are no better alternatives available.
  • The parents pointed out the pathetic condition of government schools and also the teacher-student ratio.

As per a source, many private schools are opposing the move. Many private schools who ply Air Conditioned buses, have Global Positioning System installed and have special attendants in their buses, however, opposed this proposed change but the minister managed to have his way.

As reported by a news daily, the parents present at the meeting venue seem very ignited and disturbed. “The condition of government schools and the student-teacher ratio over there is such that no one really wants to risk the child’s future,” an annoyed parent said.

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