MP Government to fund Higher Education of Students

MP Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan is all set to announce the big news to its meritorious students. On the coming 12th January, a Vidhyarthi Panchayat – student’s convention will be organized by the Higher education department. 50 meritorious students from the 51 districts of the state will be chosen irrespective of their caste and creed.

CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan said, “Instead of their parents, the state government will pay their fees.” Under this historic decision taken by the MP Government, he informed that a higher education assistance fund will be constituted for assisting brilliant students who lack funds and resources for studying in IITs, IIMs, medical and engineering colleges.

In a four-phase long campaign drawn by the School Education Department, this is the second phase going on. “I will ensure that no children remain uneducated because of paucity of funds. After they get jobs, the money would be taken back from them without any interest. I wish that Madhya Pradesh students should shine in the world,” CM said.

In the event of Vidhyarthi Panchayat, CM would disclose his plan for the meritorious students. He will interact with the 50 chosen students, including students from schools and colleges. During this interaction, the students will get a first-hand opportunity to discuss their problems with the Chief Minister. The session would be for two hours.

On being raised several inquiries about such generous decision for students who are not even a part of vote bank, Shivraj Singh Chouhan replied that this endeavour is not just about gaining votes but about the future of MP state and our country as a whole. The aim is to provide funds and support those meritorious students who would bring laurels to the nation.

“The chief minister has clearly given instructions to chalk out a detailed policy to fund higher studies of talented students”, says sources in the secretariat.

CM on December 4, in his celebrations for 11 years in office, had already hinted his plan for providing funds for students in their higher education and on January 12, he would be disclosing the same.

The ambitious plan of MP Government to support talented and meritorious students could also be seen when in June last year CM distributed laptops to meritorious students, this year, he plans ahead for higher and technical education, ensuring that no student should be deprived of education due to lack of facilities.

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