Mobile app to connect females with government schemes

As per a latest survey, around 91 percent students have a smartphone, but out of them, maximum students use their smartphones for texting, surfing the web and entertainment purposes. However there are few exceptional who realize that educational apps, personal safety assistance apps especially in case of females are also offered by the smartphones.

A Delhi-based non-profit organization has launched a mobile phone app which will keep girls and women of Delhi informed about various welfare schemes launched by Central and state government, including scholarship programmes. So as to keep the people updated, various technological innovations have come up in recent times due to content digitization and this is going to play an important role.

mobile app to connect females with government schemes
The mobile app will act as a bridge between government and girls

No doubt in past few years government has come up with so many initiatives on their part but the details are not available in a ‘presentable’ user-friendly manner at one place. The details of these initiatives are either not at all present or they are scattered all over. Further as there is not enough promotion and marketing, the schemes are not publicized therefore, children are not aware. There is no follow-up by political leaders too. Very fine example can be taken of HRD ministry’s Ishan Uday Scheme.

The newly launched android app has been divided into seven categories with 3 to 10 schemes in each category. The schemes are very much related to scholarships, maternity benefits, free counselling services for domestic violence and other areas. The app will provide girls with information pertaining to benefits, eligibility and other requirements, time frames and application procedures of schemes.

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Further information about 12 scholarship programmes and schemes ranging from preschool to Ph.D level as well as loans for women, including those from SC and ST communities will also be provided by the app.

Why Female students should have these apps?

  • 1 college women out of 4 are sexually assaulted.
  • 1 female out of so many experiences domestic violence every night.
  • Hardly few are aware of the fact that world is full of opportunities for female.
  • Rare of the rarest girls are aware about their future prospects.

Amitabh Kumar, head of media and communication division at the Centre for Social Research which runs crisis intervention centres across the city and a gender resource centre said, “We have covered all the schemes – 64 – for women and girls in Delhi. They cover both national and state schemes and have been verified by our team.”

The services provided by the Centre includes helping women who apply for welfare schemes. On further surveys it was found that it is a tedious task to find out latest information. So to bridge the gap, this app has been created. And wherever gaps occurred in the process, the team asked government officers for details.

While the statistics are alarming, there are things female students can do to keep themselves safe and updated about latest scholarships and schemes by utilizing smartphone safety and educational apps. Smartphone apps are a boon to students as they are easily accessible and useful, usually free resources are available right at a touch on screen.

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