MIT’s Innovators under 35: 4 Indians earn their place in the list

The nation should feel proud as Four of Indian origin candidates have been selected by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) for their annual global list of  “35 Innovators Under 35” and further they have been termed as “inspiring and creative people” by the Institute and they are the ones who “also illustrate the most important emerging technologies of the moment.”

All the winners namely Rahul Panicker, Aaswath Raman, Rohan Paul and Saurabh Srivastava are in their early 30’s. They have been serving the society by fulfilling all the necessities. They had also tried their level best to resolve the troubling issues that have not yet been solved till date even after 3 decades of independence. They left the tempting and luxurious careers abroad to serve their nation with full dedication and determination so that one day our Nation becomes an example for others.

MIT’s Innovators under 35

Lets venture through the profiles of all the Young Innovators.


His dream is that all the people of India should have to access the Internet and make use of the online services available. Saurabh by profession is an Engineer with renowned firm Xerox. He developed a web interface which can easily be used even by the illiterates. Further they will also be able to avail the best offers provided by Internet. Recently a platform wherein the pregnant women can have access to free tests and services was also launched by him. To help the people learn how to use web page or service, he has used animation tools.

Rahul Panicker: A BABY-WARMER

Rahul Alex Panicker belongs to Mavelikkara, Kerala and is the President and co-founder of Embrace Innovations. At present one of the biggest concerns of India is infant mortality. Maximum infants who do not survive are from disadvantaged backgrounds and secondly they do not receive proper care and hospitality and moreover their family is not capable to provide the expensive hospital services just after their birth.

To reduce the death rate of infants in India Embrace under the aegis of Rahul created incubators that cost only 1% of what normal incubator’s cost. These incubators function on hot water rather than electricity, thus conserving energy and money. The incubators can keep the babies warm for up to 6 hours after birth even if there is no power supply, thereby taking care of the newly born in the initial hours.

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Rohan Paul did his initial studies at IIT-Delhi and at present he is pursuing his Ph.D. at the University of Oxford. With the effective use of innovation and science he co-invented Rs 3,250 obstacle-detection system known by the name of SmartCane for the visually challenged people. The cane is foldable that can detect obstacles and will help the blinds to move smoothly rather than coming across any collision. At present 10,000 visually challenged people are using Smart Cane.


Aaswath Raman is presently a research associate at Stanford. He is on the path of making the life easier for all in the near future. He is using nanoscale manufacturing technique to create a disc mirror that gets colder under direct sunlight, and stays around 5 degrees Celsius cooler than the surrounding air.

If his prototype became a success then people will be able to use the AC without paying the huge bomb shell bills as well as the environment will also not suffer any loss.

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