MindBox completes 7-City Annual Design Championship 2017

MindBox & NASSCOM have completed the 7-City Annual Design Championship with its last stop in Mumbai. The Championship witnessed a stunning response with over 2,300 entries from 270+ schools. More than 750 online project submissions were found up to the criteria set by MindBox for Design Championship 2017. The Contest provided students a platform to develop skills like Design Thinking, Logic Development, problem-solving & decision-making, Critical Thinking, Experiential Learning, artistic literacy and Cognitive Thinking which were evaluated by leading industry experts.

annual design championship 2017
MindBox’s Design Championship 2017 completed its last leg on September 7 at Vrajlal Parekh Vidyanidhi High School, Mumbai.

The Annual Design Championship 2017 recently completed its 3-week duration. The Contest started with Madurai on August 16 and concluded its last leg in Mumbai on September 7. The final round for Mindbox Design Championship was organized in 7 cities; Madurai, Chennai, Coimbatore, Bengaluru, Delhi, Hyderabad, and Mumbai. The Championship saw maximum representation from Chennai with 540 teams from 51 Schools participating in the contest. Other 474 teams from 70 Schools and 258 teams from 34 Schools participated in the Contest from Delhi and Mumbai respectively.

Mr. Rishi Khemka, Chief Enjoyment Officer, MindBox, said “We are very happy with the successful completion of Design Championship 2017. Everyone is a winner and I congratulate each student for their enthusiasm and interesting projects. India has immense potential for growth in the experiential learning space and these competitions are a step towards helping children in developing multiple skill sets which will benefit them in the future.”

The Annual Design Championship 2017 invited registrations from Students across the Country and the projects were distributed under specified categories and themes. The projects were divided into four categories: Game Design, Movie Making, Graphics Design and Industrial Design, while the teams were classified as Junior and Senior. More than 50 Industry Experts formed the Jury who shortlisted the best entries for the final round in each city. The selected teams were required to submit their final presentations to the Jury. Based on the final presentations and question-answer session, the winners and runner up team were announced for each category in every city.

The Winning and Runner up Team of each category were rewarded with a Trophy & Certificate and all the registered participants were given a Certificate of participation. The Winners of Game Design from each city will get a chance to present their game at NASSCOM GAME DEVELOPER CONFERENCE 2017 in Hyderabad that is scheduled to be held from November 9 to 11, 2017.

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