MGR medical university looking to tie-up with foreign colleges

mgr medical universityDr. MGR Medical University, Tamil Nadu has announced that it will enter into a memorandum of understanding with foreign universities. This MoU will help the students and also will help in faculty exchange programmes and faculty training programmes. The Vice Chancellor of the University, S. Geetalakshmi said that they are considering three universities; Stanford, Harvard and University of California for this programme.

The announcement for the MoU was made at the inauguration of GECON 2016. There was a conference held on “ Advances in gastroenterology for physicians and surgeons”. The conference was organized by Medindia Hospitals. In this programme, the medical colleges that are affiliated to the university are part of the same. No further detail has been given on this. It will all depend on the MoU that is signed, the duration and the type of training given will depend on this.

S. Geetalakshmi also said that it would be better if doctors could do some research and come up with some innovative solutions that would help people in case of certain diseases. A lot of diseases that tend to become very complicated at the end, this type of research would help them. Recently, a Medical college, Sivaganga Medical College came up with an instrument that helps in endoscopy. After that, the instrument was given to Anna University where further studies were conducted to bring changes in the instrument.

The government has also been helping a lot of patients with their health insurance scheme. In this scheme, patients suffering from Hepatitis B and C have been given the right treatment in terms of vaccines and the tablets. They got around 700 patients registered under this scheme and after that they were given treatment respectively based on the screening done. It was all done at the Government General Hospital and Stanley Hospital.

The aim of this conference was to highlight the various changes that have taken place in GI diseases. Around 300 delegates were part of this meet.

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