Meghalaya’s innovative maths teaching class system gets credibility in CEGPA

Mathematics a subject that itself gives rise to innovation. But many of the students face difficulty in handling the subject. In order to make this subject easier and attractive, Meghalaya introduced a very innovative mathematics teaching class system. It’s foundational classes were attractive because math was not just a subject of numbers because it was taught through stories, colors, shapes and songs. This project system was so impressive and innovative, that’s why it got the name ‘Pilot Project’, where students were also engaged in studies as well as teachers were also updated with new more interactive techniques of teaching.

meghalyala innovative maths teaching system
Maths is being taught through Stories, Colors, Shapes and Songs in Meghalaya

In a report, the Commonwealth Secretariat, London, the Head of the Health and Education Unit, Dr. Joana Nurse, addressed to Serva Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA) State Project Director F.R. Kharkongor that the system garbed the attention of the people as apex Ten teaching Mathematics innovatively for foundational classes from the list had been shortlisted for the Commonwealth Education Good Practice Awards (CEGPA) and was scheduled to be organized during the opening ceremony of the 19th Commonwealth Education Ministers’ Meet at Bahamas on June 23, 2015. This project is running in 1000 schools of Khasi Jaintia Hills region of the state. However Meghalaya missed the Award by a bristle after the end of a firm settling procedure, which was finished on May 27.

An impact made by the pilot project on commonwealth, that even after losing the award they were provided a solid thought of being amongst 89 project submissions from across the regions falling under the commonwealth nations.

“As the name recommends, the inventive instructing of math in foundational classes was presented in 57 schools just as a pilot project with no administration bolster two years back. In light of the positive criticisms got from these schools, the Union Ministry for Human Resources Development gave its gesture to extend the task to 1,000 schools a year ago”, Kharkongor said.

It was likewise educated by the Commonwealth Secretariat that by ideals of being a finalist, the task would be highlighted in a distribution to be discharged at the 19th CEMC at Bahamas and would likewise be included in a site called ‘The Commonwealth Education Hub’.

In order to improve the teaching system of 3000 schools in the Garo Hills region as they were giving an unimpressive presentation in secondary and higher secondary examinations this pilot project will be launched. At the same time a support of Rs. 3000 was provided to every school by MHRD to acquire learning packs and also for preparing the instructors, Kharkongor said.

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