MCI accepts the proposal for ‘Exit Test’ after MBBS

Union Ministry of Health and Medical Council of India (MCI) have finally arrived at the decision to conduct an exit test for MBBS students, this will be applicable for students of both Government as well as private medical colleges. This decision is expected to be taken to keep in check the quality of doctors being produced in the Country every year and also to standardize their skills. The test will initially be optional.

mbbs exit examAcademic Council of MCI took the decision for conducting ‘Exit Test’ for MBBS pass-outs in a meeting held under the chairmanship of Dr. Vedprakash Mishra. The Academic Council put forward some serious issues in the meeting like process for introduction for a mandatory test after a student completes studies, credit based system, reduction in the MBBS course duration and some other matters.

The idea of conducting ‘Exit Test’ is not new, it was earlier proposed in the year 2010 but could not make it to the daylight. From now onwards, students will have to qualify the ‘Exit Test’ after the completion of their course. This will unroot the necessity of completing required procedure framed by a particular State where a student wants to practice, in case he/she has completed studies from different State. Students will just have to clear ‘Exit Test’ to practice anywhere in the Country. Students not passing the exit exam, could even be held back from post-graduate studies, as per an online source.

Government intends to create a separate ‘All-India chapter’ for doctors qualifying the exit exam in the initial phase. As present conditions, Doctors register themselves with the state chapter of Medical Council of India (MCI) and have to get their registration transferred if they intend to practice in another state. With the introduction of Exit Test, this procedure will get trimmed.

“Our academic sub-committee, executive committee and general body have accepted the plan. We’re now in the process of recommending it to the health ministry,” Rd. Ved Prakash Mishra said. He also added “The exam will be optional to begin with.”

“We have a common entrance examination for MBBS seats but at the exit point, we have no checks at all,” said Chingelput Varadapillai Bhirmanandham, MCI executive committee vice-president pointing towards the need for exit test.

The idea of conducting ”Exit Test’ has received mixed reactions across the Country, where some doctors and medical institutions appraising the step, while some others have questioned the need for an additional test.


  • Medical students having so much. Pressure why government want to suicide some mbbs doctors.

  • Exit exam must be made mandatory..This will expose the fallacies of the present university examination system & trigger appropriate reforms …a good step in improving the medical educational standards in our country

    • As on date,India follows UK system. Why can’t follow the US system- common exam USMLE for registration & also for PG admissions.


  • This amounts to cheating with indian public by SELF PROCLAIMED guardians of our health MCI AS OPTIONAL EXIT EXAM SERVES NO PURPOSE

  • V strongly condemn the proposal of o.p.t.i.o.n.a.l. exit exam to hide the incompetency of mafia controlled private medical colleges. Scores of dubious private medical college openly auction their seats in crores & pass them from their own private universities by taking crores again. People have every right to know if they possess basic minimum medical knowledge before allowing them to play with our life.

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