MBOSE acts heavily over Class IX exam papers leak

Large scale leakage of question papers has become a trend and that too at the school level. As per the news on November 21, Nagaland Board of School Education (NBSE) cancelled the Class-IX final exams scheduled from November 24 onwards after question papers were leaked from Mount Hermon School, Purana Bazaar, Dimapur. Then on November 26 leakage of question papers of the Class IX Internal Assessment Examination 2015 was reported from the Jaintia Hills. As of now the leakage of question papers is reported from Shillong. Firstly, stealing the question paper and then selling them shakes the very foundations of education, apart from bringing a bad name to state.

meghalaya board of school education

The Meghalaya Board of School Education (MBOSE) has planned to take a strict action against the culprits and give them the punishment that they will remember for their lifetime. This is so because Meghalaya is also known as the educational hub of the North-East India. Even the orders have been issued to the management of respective schools where the crime occurred. Due to all this the education department is suffering the blow every now and then as people are not able to understand that they are those who are supposed to lead education not the ones who tarnish the image of education.

The impact of the question paper leak is by no means a petty matter. Question papers gets circulated by the students of a particular school to another which ultimately results in a large number of students availing the leaked questions irrespective of the fact how costly they are? This is not so, the students who come prepared to the examination hall to write the examination are the ones who suffer to an extreme level. More than anything else such is the set back that the graph of confidence becomes straight. It can be a small crime for the culprit but if considered on a large scale it is a very big crime.

Students are creating the atmosphere of corruption within the school campus. If the question papers get leaked there comes a feeling in the mind of those who have studied that their classmates and peers will pass the examinations with good score as they have bought the question papers. Such an incident unfolding itself here in Meghalaya has left many people wondering that is it the first time that when question papers have leaked?

As per the reports, “earlier Education Minister coerced her officer for deleting the names of teachers who had qualified by using white ink and inserting on the list the names of those who never qualified. This case is still hanging fire. And that is the sore point!”

It is the high time that MBOSE gets its act together and lay down strict guidelines for educational institutions. The schools have been directed to follow ‘t’ standard operating procedures on which question papers are set and then printed and kept in safe custody until the time of the examination. All such steps should be taken to put a stop on such practices of stealing the question papers and selling them.

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