Maulana Azad Education Foundation to get restructured, government aims to promote education among minorities

The government of India has announced their decision to restructure Maulana Azad Education Foundation to boost education among the minority community and help them explore further opportunities. By employing a multi-sectoral approach, the special focus shall lay on revamping areas that are seemingly critical for the promotion of education. In an official statement released by the government, from now on this educational institution shall work towards developing itself into an all round hub and a centre for excellence by bringing professional experts in the field of finance, administration and academics who will help guide one and all students.

maulana azad education foundationBesides, the restructuring shall also account for promotion and innovation as strategic initiatives will see the light of the day and implemented for an all round growth. Further it will also address the challenges that are faced by different age groups and hence help them in their research and advocacy works. The formal decision in this regard was announced by Honorable Minority Affairs Minister Najma Heptullah.

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She also made a statement regarding the objectives of the institution where she mentioned that the primary objectives of the institution shall remain unchanged following which the General Body of Maulana Azad Education Foundation (MAEF) moved forward with the idea of restructuring which shall help them perform better at all levels and account for all round growth and efficiency. The body also went through the detailed agenda for handling the change management process.

Reportedly, MAEF shall now work as the chief driving force in helping backward classes of the minority community to come forward and become a part of formal and mainstream education. It shall also seek to empower all educationally backward communities to come forward and thus gain primary access to education and skills for employment which in turn shall help them earn a dignified livelihood.

The educational hub will now work under the supervision of several experts from different fields of work and education and a guiding models shall be in place to make sure the basic objectives are realized at all levels.

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