Mastering the art of speech: narrowing gap between Modi and Rahul Gandhi

It’s getting more embarrassing every time he speaks at a political rally. Stoops too low for a Prime Minister of world’s largest democracy. His delivery, diction and language are meant for the lowliest. I dread elections because I have watched my PM fall low, A PM which I voted for, whom I had have huge aspirations for. Remember ‘Ghanghor Kaaali Raaat’? Oh how I wish he would have not said that. And If Kolkata flyover collapse is a message from God, what is the message for the drought in Maharashtra, Gujarat, Telangana etc? Sick.. Listen in and you will relate to what I meant!

April 24, 2014 at Serampore, Bengal, Narendra Modi said that “Bangladeshis” will be deported out of country if he comes to power, in what may be one of his sharpest comments till yet on illegal immigrants. Also adding that immigrants have been given the red carpet welcome by politicians just for votes.

He then has also said that “You can write it down. After May 16, these Bangladeshis better be prepared with their bags packed,” Modi said in Serampore in West Bengal, the state which shares a porous border with Bangladesh.

Two years have gone by. The border is still as porus as before.

Dear Modi Ji, You are the government. Stop playing the victim and blaming congress when you can’t move the wheels of government.

Dear Sonia Ji, You are in the opposition. Stop playing the person who is empowered by the Veto right.

We are living in times where there is complete leadership vacuum. We have to choose between the red eyed, the squint eyed and the blinded. It is so depressing when we think of options. I have never praised Rahul Gandhi. I was critical and very savage with Rahul Gandhi. But having heard Modi’s speech today, I am forced to commend Rahul Gandhi.

The Congress VP said “Respecting the flag means respecting the opinion of every Indian. When I went to JNU, ABVP workers waved black flags to my face. They taunted me and they abused me to my face. I felt no anger. In fact, I felt proud to be in a country, India, where I can be confronted by people who held a different opinion than my own. I don’t agree with the views they carry. I protected our flag when I let your people wave black flags in my face taunting me. You cannot defend the Indian flag by destroying relationships between our people”.

Listen in. There is strong chance you will feel good. The gap is narrowing, to say much to my fear, Modi is getting worse and Rahul Gandhi is getting better. Looks like RaGa is close to master the arts of politics, or speech at least. 

Some leaders have massive, committed and loyal following. The followers are not just loyal but even act as spokespersons and flag bearers to the policies of their leaders. I would count Modi, Jayalalita, KCR, Kejriwal and even Mamata in this league. To the followers, What these leaders do is the best policy and what they says is the final word.

These leaders can really make a mark if they are sincere and honest. Imagine Modi asking all his followers to clean the roads every week; or giving up LPG subsidy. Imagine Jayalalitha asking her followers to stop being sycophants or ensure zero corruption in government offices. Imagine KCR asking his followers to ensure that no farmer commits suicide for a crop failure.

Having blind faith is good if we had the leaders who can churn it in the larger interests of humanity and nation. And these leaders, if ever they fail can never blame lack of support for their thinking, policies and ideas. And for the sake of all of us and most importantly their followers, I wish they don’t fail.

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