Mark Zuckerberg to invest $120 million in Education Sector

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is planning to double down the education investments and he will be investing $120 million in supporting education in underserved communities of the San Francisco area. By doing so he is cementing his place in the controversial and crowded education philanthropy world. The news broke with the Facebook wall post of Mark Zuckerberg which have been posted on Thursday and Friday.

mark zuckerberg to invest $120 million in education sector

For his $120 million investment which was announced last year to support education in underserved communities he wrote, “We’ve learned a lot of lessons from this project that we are already applying to our next major effort in the San Francisco Bay Area.”

Further Zuckerberg pointed that it is very important to understand the desires of a community, to listen and learn from families, teachers, elected officials and other experts. Further he continued, “We now better understand why it can take years to build the support to durably cement the changes needed to provide every student with a high quality education.”

He has made it very clear that his investments in the field of education will continue to focus on personalized learning – an umbrella phrase used to describe the process of tailoring education plans to individual students, often with the help of technology and online learning programs.

Melissa Tooley, a senior education policy analyst of New America said, “Zuckerberg’s investments in Newark, not having a full understanding of the political and community context made for a really investment difficult. And that’s not unique to their investment. There are certainly other philanthropists who have had similar outcomes.”

Facebook post of Zuckerberg also hints towards continued spending on supplying broadband access to low-income schools. In past he also collaborated with Education Super Highway, which served as a model for the Obama administration’s ConnectED initiative and encouraged the modernization of the Federal Communications Commission’s $3.9 billion E-rate program.

In the post he has also laid emphasis over the recently announced plan of his wife, Priscilla Chan, of opening a school in East Palo Alto. In the soon-to-be-opened school, 700 low-income students in preschool through grade 8 will be taught and basic health care needs will also be taken care of.

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