Manish Sisodia to bring Education sector in mainstream with his new Blog

Social media has successfully caught a note among the politicians of this country. From twitter to facebook and others such as WhatsApp, every form of communication which prove crucial in connecting with the population is being exploited by politicians. In fact, almost every politician has some presence on the web. Blogs have turned out be another one of such methods which is catching attention within the coterie of the political class.

The deputy chief minister of New Delhi, Mr. Manish Sisodia too has joined the band wagon and started a blog titled Education Minister’s Notebook. The deputy CM plans to pen down his experiences and lessons as the education minister of the state and share them with people.

Speaking to media about the blog, Mr. Sisodia said, “The main aim behind blog is to share my observations and experience in education sector with people at a single platform. I often visit government schools where I observe several things. I will pen them in my personal blog.”

According to the minister, his blog will expiate on the shortcomings of the education sector and would have comments section where common people could criticize policies as well as suggests measure to him.

Sisodia who, in his capacity as the education minister of the National Capital, has been a harbinger of reforms to ameliorate the education sector in Delhi through reforms and policies such as ‘Chaunati 2016‘, modernizing government schools and a first of its kind PTM meet for government-run schools in Delhi also added:

“Despite good infrastructure and other facilities in a school, our students are not able to perform good sometimes. I will write on what’s wrong in our approach and what is missing in this sector in the blog,” Sisodia added.

Sisodia, in his bid to improve the educational standards of teachers, had also started a unique trend of training the school teachers by the information technology department of the state on latest and most famous social media applications like WhatsApp and Facebook to stay in touch with students.

The aim of the blog, according to the Minister is to highlight and bring the education system into limelight so that it becomes a topic of discussion among mainstream public.

By bringing people to discuss and comment upon the education system, he hopes that the already existing scenario of this dwindling sector would take a turn for good.

The efficacy and state of education, when the Aam Aadmi Party came to power, had been questioned and criticized by several experts.


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